How To Do Tummy Time In The Sims 4

This article will walk you through how to do Tummy Time in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4’s most recent expansion pack has given players baby fever. You may learn more about family dynamics in Growing Together. One of the newer, most well discussed areas of the expansion is parenting. You must meet milestones in order for them to grow appropriately in addition to attending to their basic requirements, such as eating and washing. Tummy time is one among them. The Sims 4 Standard Edition must be ready before reading this article, which will teach players how to do tummy time in the game.

How to do Tummy Time in The Sims 4

In case you didn’t know, tummy time is essentially a necessary component of a baby’s growth. They gain overall upper body strength, which makes it simpler for them to hold their heads up and progress to later stages like rolling over and crawling. Participating in Tummy Time is crucial in The Sims 4 Growing Together because it adds a lot of realism to the game.

Before you begin tummy time, make sure that your baby’s attention, bladder, energy, hunger, and hygiene are all in the green. After completing these tasks, we can play The Sims 4’s Tummy Time game. Two strategies exist for doing this:

Holding your infant, choose them, then choose “Tummy Time Together.” Choose between “More Options…”, “Friendly…”, “Active…”, and “Tummy Together” while the infant is seated on the play mat.

Tummy Time is a crucial component of a baby Sim’s growth, but it might be challenging to figure out how to initiate it according to the game’s instructions. Infants need to be in a specific state of happiness in order to do it on their own. Gamers must make sure the environment is safe for infants to enjoy tummy time.

Ensure that all of Baby Sim’s bars are entirely green to activate this. This may be more difficult because of The Sims 4’s new baby quirk, but it’s still important. The infant is prevented from doing that by anything that is not green. There are two ways to start an action after all demand bars have turned green. Sims first require a rug or playmat. After that, either let the Sim hold the child.

Choose them by pressing and holding them, then click “Tummy Time Together.” The Sim will then put them on their tummies as a result. Baby should be placed on the play mat if not. then pick the further menu items in the following order: More options, friendship, activities, and sharing a stomach.

The baby is not instantly happy after being triggered. It will instead sob and make an effort to turn around. But, newborns will achieve several milestones in The Sims 4 when they successfully turn around or lift their heads. They will be able to do this because they will get stronger as small Sims, which will allow them to continue to grow and develop. To assist babies in The Sims 4’s tummy time, players must have have The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition installed on their computer.

How to Farm Hard Antlers in Valheim

This guide will show players how to breed Hard Antlers in Valheim.

The Antler Pickaxe, the first pickaxe you receive in Valheim, is primarily made of hard antlers. Without this pickaxe, which enables you to mine ores like copper, tin, and iron, it is unlikely that you would go far in the game. There are many different ores in the game, and they may all be used to create better weapons or blacksmithing tools. This article will explain how to breed Hard Antlers in Valheim. To do this, players must have a sufficient number of Valheim Items ready.

Where to find Hard Antlers in Valheim

There is only one place where Valheim’s Hard Antlers can be found. It’s not simple to overlook, but it’s an important aspect of the early game evolution. Hugin the Black Raven will first inform the protagonists that their first move is to defeat Eikthyr, but they must arm themselves first. Eikthyr is the only source of hard antlers right now, and he always drops three of them.

Players must arm themselves first in order to defeat Eikthyr. They must then go back to Meadow’s original spawn location. The player will be dropped here first, and they will be surrounded by runestones that will provide them with information about Valheim. When the player interacts with one of these, it will light and direct them to the Eikthyr summoning spot.

After defeating him, he drops three Hard Antlers, from which the player can make their first Pickaxe by combining one Hard Antler with ten pieces of Wood. defeat Eikthyr once with antlers tough enough to make three pickaxes. When those pickaxes eventually crack, players can go back to the altar and re-summon Eikthyr using the other two pieces of stag loot to acquire even more. He always drops three Hard Antlers, regardless of how many times he is defeated.

How to get Hard Antlers by defeating the Eikthyr Boss in Valheim

Although Eikthyr is the first boss in Valheim, it can be very challenging for beginner players, especially if they’re attempting to utilize melee weapons. Eikthyr can be killed with a melee weapon, although a bow is the fastest and most straightforward method.

This boss has three distinct attack types, each of which is simple to learn and master with a few more tries. Axel bowed his head and prepared to make his most basic melee strike. He will shoot a lightning bolt at you if he slightly stands on his hind legs. When fully supported by his back two legs, he will unleash his ultimate assault, which deals tremendous area damage.

There are a few things you should do before engaging in combat for your hard antlers. The first is that you should make a bow first and work on honing your bowcrafting abilities. Second, satiate your appetite and enhance your health. Eating a variety of foods in Waalheim might improve your health.

The best approach to defeat this boss is to circle the altar while dodging and damaging him with your bow. Avoid the lightning he throws at you and try to keep him away from you. Get Hard Antlers and Eikthyr Power, please. In-game purchases of Valheim Resources are available for players to aid in the Hard Antler Farm.

How to Seed in Valheim

This guide will show players how to sow seeds in Valheim.

As one of the best survival games available, it should come as no surprise that foraging plays a significant role in Valheim. Seeding is an excellent approach to obtain a consistent source of food in Valheim. Although it may seem like a difficult endeavor, cultivating and harvesting your own fruits, veggies, and trees ensures that players won’t run out of food or other necessities as they explore the lush landscape. Players can learn how to plant seeds in Valheim by reading this guide. To assist players sow additional crops, players must purchase more Valheim Items in the game.

Where to Find Valheim Seeds

Although seeds are not particularly uncommon in Valheim, you must go to a certain location to find them. Here are all the Valheim seeds I’ve seen so far, along with information on where to locate them:

Carrot Seeds: Found on the ground in Dark Forest.

Beech Seeds: Dropped by Beech Trees in Grass.

Turnip Seeds: Harvest Turnip Blossoms, found in swamps.

How to Prepare for Gardening in Valheim

The Charcoal Kiln, Smelter, and Forge are the three basic crafting locations that players must farm. Players must amass 10 Surtling Cores, which are unique resources. Players can construct these crafting stations at workbenches once they’ve located them.

Players must craft ore after finishing all three stations. In order to do this, the player must beat Eikthyr, the first of the game’s five major bosses, in order to obtain the Antler Pickaxe. Despite this, farming wasn’t practiced in Valheim at first.

The player must examine several biomes on the map depending on the kind of ore they are seeking. Visit the Black Forest biome to find copper and tin mines. Tin will appear as a slightly glossy rock poking out of the earth close to a body of water. Large moss-covered rock formations that are flecked with gold glitter can also contain copper. Tillers must be made of Bronze, which can only be obtained by collecting Copper and Tin.

Once they have gathered enough material, the player must travel back to their camp and utilize the smelter to transform the ore into ingots. The player will acquire the bronze recipe at the forge after producing both sorts of ingots, which is two copper ingots for one tin. To make a cultivator, players will require five wood cores and five bronze ingots.

Farming is easy once the Valheim Cultivator is created. Remove weeds from the area that will be tilled by equipping a cultivator and using it to do so. Choose the kind of seed or plant you want to grow, and then turn new dirt into a growing medium. To seed Valheim, players can buy enough Valheim Resources in-game.

Valheim: How To Get Black Cores And What They Are Used For

This guide will show players how to obtain Black Cores in Valheim and what they are used for.

The Black Cores are a difficult task in the latest Mistlands update for Valheim, and players must be fully armed before they can find them. A mysterious artifact of ancient power known as the Black Core is required by adventurers to create late-game facilities like the Black Forge, Galdr Table, or Eitr Refinery in Valheim. The only place to find this mysterious core is in the perilous Mists biome, so getting your hands on it is not simple. In order to obtain black cores in Valheim and learn how to use them, players must purchase enough Valheim Items during the course of the game.

Where to find Blackcore in Valheim

The Infested Mines, which are the Mists’ dungeons, are the only places to find the Black Core. Players must be fully equipped before entering these incredibly perilous places, which are dispersed throughout the Mists and where there will undoubtedly be explorers and ticks accumulating. Players should be aware of the white runes indicating the entrance to the hidden treasure room as they explore the Infested Mines. Players can locate Black Cores on the pillars in these rooms in addition to the substantial quantities of gold (which are useful when locating Valheim’s dealers).

How to use Blackcore in Valheim?

The three most significant constructions added by the Mistlands update are constructed primarily using Black Cores. These are the Eitr Refinery, Black Forge, and Gladr Table. Together, these provide players with everything they need to vanquish the Mists and its formidable foes. All in all, players will need to collect 15 black cores to build these complexes, which may necessitate visiting to numerous Infested mines.

The Black Forge, where players can construct the majority of the upgraded new armor and vintage weaponry, is the first of them to become available. Then, in order to build the Eitr Refinery, the players must learn how to draw sap from the Mists’ roots. The Galdr Table is accessible and the Eitr Refinery enables the production of refined Eitr, which is needed to make the majority of Valheim’s new magic goods. Players can construct new magical armor and weapons at this last crafting station.

The Black Core is an integral part of the Mistlands update. You can use Black Cores to craft these items:

Black Forge — Allows you to craft Mist-grade armor, weapons, and the durable Dvergr Lantern.

14x Black Marble

10x World Trees

5x black core

5x iron

5x copper

Galdr Table – This allows you to craft magic-related items such as armor, weapons, and even the Sealbreaker, which is a key item you can use to find the Queen.

25x World Trees

10x ferrous metal

10x Black Marble

5x black core

15x Refined Eitr

Eitr Refinery — Refines sap and soft tissue into refined Eitr.

20x Black Marble

5x ferrous metal

10x World Trees

5x black core

3x Sap

If you wish to engage in battle with challenging foes in this update, you must possess these structures. Collecting all of these facilities is vital to living in Valheim’s new Mistlands upgrade, and players will need to buy enough Valheim Resources in-game.

GTA Online: How To Get The Railgun (Where And What To Do)

This guide will show you where to find the Gun Van and how to get the Railgun in GTA Online.

In GTA Online, players can purchase railguns to use against persistent foes or to destroy large vehicles like tanks. Formerly, the Railgun in GTA Online could only be utilized in a select few tasks and not while free roaming. The potency of this weapon makes it ideal for dispatching obstinate NPCs. This article will explain how to obtain the Railgun in GTA Online as well as where to find the Gun Van. In the game, players can save up enough GTA V Online Money.

What is a Railgun in GTA 5 Online?

One of the most widely used heavy weapons in GTA 5 Online is the railgun. It’s stocked by GTA 5 Online creator Coil and costs a hefty GTA Cash – 250K to buy from Gun Van; fortunately, players receive a discount after winning a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal. The Railgun employs the most cutting-edge railgun technology in the GTA and can fire up to 20 rounds at once. This enables it to penetrate even the strongest armour, making it extremely effective against foes of armored vehicles. It also aids in ranged confrontations, making it a great choice for people who want to eliminate opponents from a distance.

Railgun Supplier Locations

In contrast to the traditional GTA Online store, the Gun Van has 30 different locations that are always changing. Also, unlike other merchants, the Gun Van’s icon won’t be visible to players until they are nearby. Look at your map if you’re searching for a deal.

Players can buy the Railgun from the Weapons menu if they locate the Gun Van. The Railgun sells for $250,000. Players should be informed that this is a 10% discount.

How to get Railgun in GTA 5 Online?

In GTA Online, you must locate the Gun Van in order to obtain the Railgun. Go to the “Weapons” section once you’ve finished looking through the van’s inventory. You may find the Railgun by scrolling down in the “Weapons” section. The Railgun is currently discounted 10% to $657,000, but it’s still a good deal.

How to Use a Railgun

Railguns work well against foes who drive armored vehicles. The GTA Online railgun is most effective against helicopters, tanks, armored vehicles, and other vehicles due to the sheer amount of damage it can cause. Furthermore, as it can hurt the player if fired from close range, the railgun is best used at a distance. Since the railgun has little recoil and can destroy the majority of vehicles with a single shot, it is also suitable for beginners.

The information provided above is a detailed guide on how to obtain rail weapons and how to utilize them in GTA Online. In the game, players can purchase enough of GTA V Money.

High on Life: How to Defeat 9-Torg (Boss Fight)

This guide will show players how to defeat 9-Torg in High on Life.

The mother of the Torg family, known as 9-Torg, is one of the first bosses that players in High on Life will run into. Given that this is the first fight you’ll encounter, the alien and its numerous clones can be challenging to defeat. Until the player goes to find all of the High on Life weapons, this boss will block their path. It will be difficult for the player to complete the first mission because they are just beginning their career as a bounty hunter. In order to overcome 9-Torg in High on Life, this tutorial will show players how to do so. Players can also purchase sufficient High on Life Accounts in the game.

How to beat 9-Torg in High on Life

Round 1: 9-Torg’s shooting attack

As she advances swiftly left or right, 9-Torg launches a firing attack to start the fight. The player can avoid her wide-area blaster rounds at first by moving around a lot and hiding behind the level’s boxes. She then explodes. She also provides a high-impact, green single with a ball shape that goes slowly and is simple to evade if players maintain their distance rather than attempting to attack with the Knifey.

It’s imperative to use Kenny as frequently as possible by aiming at the 9-Torg’s head. The glob-shot assault can also be used to knock her down so that the player can fast swing with the Knifey or attempt a mid-air juggle.

Round Two: How to Dodge 9-Torg’s Lasers

The 9-Torg will dive under the surrounding ooze after a blaster shot before unexpectedly popping out and stunning the player with a barrage of single horizontal and sporadically vertical green laser blasts.

Jumping over the laser will prevent any health loss, however trying to evade the laser will result in substantial damage. The likelihood of dying from devitrification increases significantly if you are hit by a laser. After the jump, keep firing here to keep depleting her health; be careful around any shattered floor tiles.

Round 3: How to Tether to Slime

Players must press the LB button on their Xbox controller in order to use the Knifey’s restraining ability to hold back the flying insects above before the 9-Torg’s final move, letting the lethal ooze rise, is made. Throughout the course, players must harness and swing from one bug to another until the slime levels return to normal, letting them to safely descend to the platform below.

The 9-Torg’s system

We won’t have many options as you currently only have Kenny and Knifey. However, Glob Shot juggling is an efficient technique to do a ton of damage to her if you get the hang of it.

When a Glob Shot explosion knocks her down, try to approach her for a good stab from Knifey.

You can try to hit her with a ball to knock her down or play with her in the air if she’s high up and being attacked by a laser beam.

You’ll receive the accomplishment First Bounty Down following the fight. After that, you’ll get the chance to take on a mystery boss. The detailed instructions for defeating 9-Torg in High on Life are provided above. Visit for more High on Life guides.

How to Use Kinetic Ore to Travel Distance in Fortnite

This guide will show players how to use Kinetic Ore to travel distance in Fortnite.

The first season of Fortnite Chapter 4 adds a ton of new features to the game, such as buggies, new areas, new weaponry, and augmented reality. Recently, Chapter 4 began, bringing with it the enigmatic Kinetic Ore. The Impact Hammer is both a lethal weapon and a superb navigating tool because it is an energy transfer substance. Players may learn how to use kinetic ore to cover ground in Fortnite by reading this article. To find kinetic ore, players must have enough Fortnite V-BUCKS prepared.

How to Use Kinetic Ore to Move Distance in Fortnite

With Kinetic Ores, long-distance travel is rather easy to achieve. Get near to the Kinetic Ore once you’ve located it and strike it with the pickaxe tool four to five times. After that, the kinetic ore will begin to fire an energy beam in the opposite direction from where you hit it. The key to this puzzle is to aim your gaze in the desired direction and strike the kinetic ore. Jumping on the stone slab will cause you to slingshot in the direction of the energy beam once the kinetic ore has built up enough energy. This will allow you to travel far during the energy collection process.

Where to Find Kinetic Ore in Fortnite

Chapter 4: Season 1 introduces the luminous physical rock known as the Kinetic Ore. When it is hit, if you haven’t already used it, it recharges before shooting. The ability to leap on it and launch it gives gamers a completely new fast-travel option.

Finding one of the enigmatic stones is the first step for Fortnite players who want to finish the Kinetic Ore travel quest. Players can try to find the Kinetic Ore whenever they arrive to the Shattered Slabs or select it as their landing location in Fortnite. This item is easily identifiable due to its dark blue tint. In order to defend oneself against adversaries, players can plunder the region for weapons and shields, although using harvesting equipment is all that is needed to move with kinetic ore the fastest.

The player must repeatedly hit the Kinetic Ore with their Harvester after selecting it. Players won’t need to worry about damaging Kinetic Ore because they’ll recognize that striking it won’t grant them materials like hitting other structures. In Fortnite, the ore will appear more purple towards color and will shoot a beam of propulsion energy in the direction the player is looking when they hit it seven or eight times using a harvesting equipment. At this stage, users can mount the ore and enter the energy ray to launch the kinetic ore in the direction they specify.

As soon as the Kinetic Ore in Fortnite strikes the earth or other structures while a player is flying, they will be shot down. In Fortnite, players can manipulate the direction the ore pulls them in order to avoid this and make sure they fly as far as possible. For instance, instead of staring directly at an ore, players should crouch and strike it at its highest point. By doing this, the ore’s jump becomes more vertical, enabling the player to ride it and go as far as possible in order to finish the “travel distance utilizing kinetic ore” objective as soon as feasible.

This concludes the detailed tutorial on using kinetic ore travel distance in Fortnite. Visit for more Fortnite tutorials.

All Illusory Walls in Elden Ring: Academy of Raya Lucaria

This guide will tell the player all the Illusory Wall locations in the Academy of Raya Lucaria in the Elden Ring.

One of the most enchanting places that Elden Ring players will go to is the Academy of Raya Lucaria. These hidden walls lead to areas in the game that frequently conceal rare items and even spells. Since the first Dark Souls, FromSoftware has enjoyed using illusory walls as a barrier to keep players from progressing, tricking them into believing there is a wall where there should be a clear route ahead. With the help of this tutorial, players will be able to prepare enough Cheap Elden Ring Runes for the game by knowing exactly where the Illusory Wall is located in the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

The First Raya Lucaria hidden wall

Two spell-casting foes await players at the top of the steps leading to the Cuckoo Chapel when they exit the elevator leading to Raya Lucaria’s Academy in the Elden Ring. The first secret tunnel in Raya Lucaria may be found by turning right as soon as you enter the church and hitting the western wall in front of you. A runic arc in front of a statue and multiple sarcophagi will be the result of this. If the player wears the Great Rune to experience its effects, they can use this unique item.

The Second Raya Lucaria Hidden Wall

Players of Raya Lucaria can access the second hidden entrance inside the Academy, close to the Grace Schoolhouse classrooms. The player can turn left in the corridor to find a room with an empty bookshelf right in front of the entrance as they enter Raya Lucaria Academy further away from the Land of Grace. The Blacksmithing Stone may be found on the balcony after hitting the bookshelf, which will show it to be a mirage[4].

The player can jump onto a platform from the balcony if they turn to the north. A mountainous platform with two Trina’s Lilies and some rocks close to the edge that the player can climb can be reached by following that ledge. The Olivinus Glintstone Crown, a helmet that boosts intelligence by three but depletes health by 9%, is another item that may be found near the top by continuing on and jumping over a gap. In Elden Ring, this helmet can be used to unlock the Converted Towers Puzzle.

The Third Raya Lucaria Hidden Wall

The Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace is followed by a living jar opponent and a number of wizards, whom the players will come across shortly. After ascending two flights of stairs in that room, turn left right away to find another empty bookcase. Similar as earlier, clicking on it will make Raya Lucaria’s hidden passageway visible. This passageway opens up to a room with a stone sword key and a chest holding comet magic. Players will also discover a ladder leading to the seemingly empty upper level close to the room’s entrance.

The player can explore another secret section in the Elden Ring by heading east on the second floor, jumping over a railing, and finding some damaged beams. Enter it and descend into the crawl area to find a room with a massive crystal array and an object in front of it. As soon as the artifact is looted, all of the dormant living jar opponents in the area will attack, therefore players should take care to defeat them before taking it. Players that want more Elden Ring information should visit

Destiny 2: How to Get the Pruina Gloss Set (Dawn 2022)

This guide will tell players how to get the Pruina Gloss set in Destiny 2 this year.

Return of Dawn New decorative armors, including the free Pruina Luster set, are available for purchase in Destiny 2. The Dawn Festival starts every December, bringing joy to everyone in the tower and throughout the entire solar system. This article will explain how to obtain the Pruina Gloss set in Destiny 2 this year. To do so, users must purchase sufficient Destiny 2 Silver.

How to get the Pruina Luster set for free in Destiny 2

There is no way to purchase the exact quantity, however players can buy the armor in the Eververse store for 15,000 credits. Players must therefore either purchase the $5 and $10 packs or $20 worth of silver. The Pruina Luster set is only available during the Dawn event, much as the mechs in Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2. Fortunately, Destiny 2 still allows Guardians to buy armor from earlier games. This indicates that gamers who didn’t obtain these common cosmetic goods will have another opportunity in December.

How to get the Pruina Luster set for free in Destiny 2

Guardians can use silver coins to buy the Pruina Luster set, but they can also use bright dust to buy armor. Only cosmetics can be purchased with this cash at the Eververse shop. Through a variety of activities, including seasonal challenges and reward tracks, Bright Dust can be acquired. Events are a wonderful way to acquire this money because they offer weekly completed quests worth 200 Bright Dust and repeated quests worth 10. Naturally, gamers will want to set aside money for deluxe universal cosmetics, like the recently released Fortnite armor in Destiny 2.

The Pruina Luster set has no stats attached to it; it is just decorative. Each of the Guardians’ five pieces of armor is capable of receiving global decorations. Players can also add shaders to various components. If players wish to be more inventive, they can combine the Pruina Luster set with different decorations because it dyes well. In Destiny 2, these adjustments enable Guardians the chance to alter their characters in accordance with their tastes and interests. For more Destiny 2 news and guides, players can subscribe to

Fortnite: How to Get the Giannis Antetokounmpo Skin

This guide will show you how to get the Giannis Antetokounmpo skin in Fortnite.

We’ve seen an almost infinite range of characters added as playable skins, from Star Wars characters to the most popular anime. The most recent skin, which includes apparel and numerous other stuff, is that of Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Giannis Antetokounmpo skin in Fortnite can be obtained by following this strategy, but users must also purchase enough Fortnite V-BUCKS in order to do so.

What is the Giannis Antetokounmpo skin in Fortnite?

Greek-born professional basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo is a member of the Milwaukee Bucks at the moment. In the Giannis’ Fantasy Arena made by Beyond, gather jewels from your adversaries and deliver them back to your base for rewards. The code for the island is 9700-3122-7030.

Two skins, “A True Warrior on and Off the Field” and “Hoplite Janis,” are included in the Giannis Antetokounmpo Bundle. The bundle contains eight products.

Victory’s Wings Back Bling (Included with Giannis Antetokounmpo costume.)

Triumphant Hashmark Ax Pickaxe Glider in Ankara packaged in print

Spray-on Yoruba mask

The dunk shield’s back is covered in glittering gold Diamond Doro Pickaxe

Warming tone of voice

You can purchase these things separately or as a package.

Fortnite Giannis Skin Release Date

Giannis’ Fortnite skin will now go on sale on December 24, 2022. It will be made available at 4:00 PST, 7:00 EST, and 0:00 GMT (25th). In other words, it’s the ideal way to spoil oneself ahead of Christmas.

Although a fixed price for the skin has not yet been established, numerous iterations of the NBA MVP have been discovered, some of which heavily draw on his Greek-Nigerian ancestry. Along with the gorgeous skin designs, there are also back charms, stickers, pickaxes, and other accessories.

How to get the Giannis Antetokounmpo skin in Fortnite?

While the V-Buck prices for these skins in-store have not yet been disclosed, we do know that they will be offered alongside other Giannis-themed accessories. To begin with, players can purchase wings that coordinate with the skins and utilize them as Back Bling or Glider. Even better, the store will sell accessories for the Hoplite Giannis, such as the Spartan Shield Back Bling and the Spear Harvesting Tool.

Giannis’ Fantasy Arena imaginative layout was even released in Fortnite to commemorate Giannis’ eagerly anticipated debut. Players explore an island covered in clouds in search of jewels that grant XP as they solve puzzles and complete platforming levels. Any basketball enthusiast must own the Giannis Antetokounmpo skin, a fantastic new addition to Fortnite. The Giannis Pack will be available for purchase on the Epic Games Store starting on December 24. More Fortnite players can sign up for our blog’s updates at