How to Learn Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy

This guide will help players on how to learn Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy.

One of the three Unforgivable Curses available in Hogwarts Legacy is Crucio. One of the strongest spells in the game, it continuously deals damage and curses the enemy, causing them to lose more health each struck. You won’t learn Crucio from a professor, but your pal Sebastian will. Additionally, there is ample Hogwarts Legacy Boosting Service available in-game.

What is Crucio

One of the three unforgivable curses that are outlawed in the wizarding community is crucio. By using it, you will harm your adversaries and lose health. Quite cruel, but your adversaries want to see you dead. In order to combat the nasty guys, utilize Crucio. You can choose to do good or evil in Hogwarts Legacy, and you can even learn the potent curse Crucio. Crucio, Crucio, commonly known as the “curse of torture,” and “Avada Kedavra,” the “curse of tyranny.” The Hogwarts heritage forbids the use of all three Unforgivable Curses, and using one of them (like Crucio) might harm your standing with other game characters. It also has an impact on the game’s cutscenes, which include conversation.

How to Unlock Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy

Start the quest “In the Shadow of the Study” to unlock Crucio. Sebastian will inform you that only Gaunt is aware of the location of the scriptorium’s entrance when you first see him outside the Slytherin common room. You must persuade the reticent Ominis Gaunt to assist. Open the Slytherin office door by lighting the three neighboring braziers.

Once inside, proceed to two items that are interactive that are close to the locked door. One is among several notes that the Noctua Gaunt left behind. You cannot turn around once you enter through the door. Use the Reparo to reposition the broken debris to the right of the note. Open the door to the subsequent room by speaking with Ominis.

Three gates have Slytherin lock problems on them. To assist you in solving the issue, look for the symbols on each door. Get ready to be attacked if you don’t enter the right symbol before the snake completes a full turn. Be remember to search for the owl’s other 3 notes while you navigate the maze.

The owl’s final letter may be found next to a locked door with the word “crucio” scrawled on the floor after you enter through the third door and proceed down another corridor. Sebastian will eventually offer to teach you the Crucio or give it to you if you continue to speak with him. You can then decide whether to accept or reject the challenge. To learn Crucio, select the second or third choice.

What Crucio’s spell does

After finishing the remaining tasks in the quest, you can equip Crucio to a combat spell slot. Cast Crucio to curse the target of your vengeful spell, causing them to writhe in pain and suffer damage over time. When hit, cursed opponents also sustain additional damage.

It is advised that you learn the spell now so that you can use it against strong opponents later in Hogwarts Legacy. If you decide not to learn it, you will have another opportunity later in the story. Once learned, Crucio will gradually inflict damage on adversaries. It works well against some of the tougher foes you’ll come across during the game, in particular. You require enough in-game Hogwarts Legacy Data Boosting.

MLB The Show 23: Pitching Guide (Tips, Tricks & Strategies)

In this guide, we’ll cover the essential tips and tricks to help you pitch like a pro on MLB The Show 23.

In MLB The Show 23, pitching is a crucial component of the game and demands skill, planning, and accuracy to succeed. Although the mechanics of throwing have evolved throughout time, the fundamental concepts have not. We’ll go through the key pointers and advice in this manual to help you throw like a pro on MLB The Show 23. In order to improve their pitching abilities, players might prepare enough MLB The Show 23 Stubs during the game.

Choose the right pitcher

Because each pitcher has particular benefits and features, you should choose the one that best suits your playing style and the situation at hand. While more controlled pitchers may hit a variety of pitches with accuracy, faster pitchers can toss fastballs that are difficult to hit. Consider the opposition’s starting lineup when choosing a pitcher.

Use various pitches

You need to use a variety of balls to confuse the opposition team and make it challenging for them to hit your ball. Every pitcher is capable of using the fastball, curveball, slider, and changeup, among other pitches. Try out various pitches to see which one suits you the best. Each pitcher has a certain number of pitches he can hurl before getting worn out and losing effectiveness. Watch how many pitches a pitcher throws, and if they start to feel fatigued, think about switching pitches.

Always aim for the corner

Targeting field corners is impossible for two of the three shot setups. The reticle will still be rounded for the third zone hits, so that corner hits are always weaker than middle or side hits. On rare occasions, the player will have a “blue” region in the center and a “red” area in the corner. Totally disregard this. This has less to do with the ability to hit this particular place and more to do with the “accident” of tossing the ball in the middle while unprepared.

Change pitch settings

Players may specifically find that they have a pitching setup that works for them. Pinpoint is great for hardcore gamers, but gauges and simulated pitching also have their place. For most pitchers, there will be one use before switching to another. As player control or speed increases, it may be beneficial to remove the element of human error. Low control pitchers, on the other hand, will find they can make up for this with greater artificial control. It’s something to set up and then revisit after a while.

Practice more

Whichever pitching interface you decide on, you should practice by playing it repeatedly. By selecting Practice Mode, you can practice your pitch. We advise using the pitching technique that is most convenient and at ease. Focus on the controls and get proficient with them, even if it can take some time.

The pitching manual for MLB The Show 23 is listed above. We will continue to update this game news as the season goes on. For more pitching drills, players can buy a lot of MLB The Show 23 Gold in the game.

Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock A New Wave of Foscari DLC Characters

This guide will walk players through how to unlock the new wave of Foscari DLC characters in Vampire Survivors.

Tides of Foscari, the second paid DLC for the bullet hell rogue-lite game Vampire Survivors, has just been released. The Foscari Academy students are eager to lead you on wonderful adventures throughout this magical area. Players will get the chance to change their experience by using these new characters to combat wave after wave of foes in addition to a new region called Lake Fascari. The majority of these characters do, however, demand gold coins, therefore users will initially need to deposit some Vampire Survivors Accounts.

New Characters in Foscari Tides

There are eight new characters in the DLC for Tides of Foscari just waiting to be found and unlocked. Each has special skills and weaponry that can help you in combat. Among the new positions are:

Eleanor Uzron

Genevieve Gruyère


Keith Moulter

Foscari Lighting

Maruto Kiriko

Rotten ghoul


Each character has a different method of acquisition, as well as a variety of costs.

How to unlock Tides for the Foscari character

Eleanor Uzno: Find the coffin northwest of Lake Foscari.

Maruto Kiriko: Forms the SpellStorm ability by developing Eleanor’s remaining skills (called SpellString, SpellStream, and SpellStrike) to level 6.

Keith Muerte: By combining the use of his armor and the Excuzzibur, Maruto can transform into a legionnaire.

Foscari Illumination: On the Tides of the Foscari tale, break the seal of the Abyss alongside Maruto’s legionnaires.

Genevieve Gruyère: Use any character’s upgraded weapon to break the Exile’s seal.

I-Ne-Viv: Defeat 10,000 foes in one run while playing as Genevieve Gruyere.

Sammy: Eliminate the 6,000 caterpillars around Lake Foscari that usually hide in their nests in the secret passage to the northeast.

Rotten Ghouls: Kill 6,000 Rotten Ghouls in Abyss Foscari after breaking the Abyss Seal with Maruto Cuts.

While Sammy and Rottin’ Ghoul is fairly straightforward, the demands of Je-Ne-Viv seem overwhelming to players. An easy way to wipe out enemies in a single run comes from choosing a good weapon to grind, including Clock Lancet and Infinity Corridor, for example.

Upgrading gear for the conditions of Keitha Muort and Maruto Cuts also means players must find Legionnaire and SpellStorm in chests dropped from minibosses after maxing out the correct gear.

How to open the seal of a new character

Only a character’s fully improved weapon can break the two seals that must be shattered, the Seal of the Abyss and the Seal of the Outcast. The Wanderer Seal can be shattered by any character’s tools, such as Prism Missiles, in contrast to the Abyss Seal, which can only be destroyed by Maruto’s Legionnaires.

Players should be aware that even after discovering the Tides of Foscari DLC for Vampire Survivor unlocking method, they will still need to spend a lot of Vampire Survivors Accounts to buy these new characters.

How to Make Dreamy Ice Cream at Dreamlight Valley

This guide will introduce players how to make fantasy ice cream in Dreamlight Valley.

Prepare to try a different flavor of ice cream if you’re sick of vanilla. Making Dream Ice Cream for the first time is the real challenge, but it will be essential to spicing up Valley’s ice cream game. In Disney Fantasy Valley, there is no recipe for Fantasy Ice Cream; players must first locate the necessary components. To make dreamy ice cream, players can prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game.

How to Get the Ingredients for Fantasy Ice Cream

To make the dream ice cream, the player requires milk, slush ice, and dream light fruit, but until they have all of the components, the dish cannot be prepared. Fortunately, it’s very simple to get milk and slush ice, and Chez Remy sells these along with a variety of other ingredients. Similar to producing buuelos in Dreamlight Valley, Chez Remy’s recipes are typically available right away and cost a specific number of Pentacles.

The players’ final item, the dream light fruit, is a little more difficult to locate. These fruits can only be harvested once the Dreamlight Tree has reached maturity, which can only be done by completing Simba’s “Seed of Memory” quest. After completing the quest, it can take some time for the tree to fully develop, but the player can utilize this time to acquire the final two ingredients required, or to accumulate enough star points to buy these goods.

How to Make Dreamy Ice Cream

Three different ingredients can be combined to create Dream Ice Cream. After consumption, a three-star dessert replenishes energy from 1976. The player is eligible to receive 588 star coins after selling the dessert. The following ingredients are required to make dream ice cream:

Dream Light Fruit (can be found in Sunshine Plateau)

Milk (Chez Remy’s project sol)

Slush Ice (Sold by Chez Remy)

When you have all of these ingredients, go to the cooking station’s pot and combine them together. Don’t worry about keeping these ingredients with you for a long time, though; they don’t need to be in a backpack. You can create as many delectable ice cream desserts as you like as long as you have enough components.

Desserts have a high resale value and provide a significant energy boost, so you can profitably sell or consume them. In addition to consuming recovery stamina, players can sell desserts for 588 star coins.

Fans will explore the valley and look for alien toys in addition to cooking and learning new recipes. There will also be gold and blue potatoes lying about the map, so there should be enough adventures to go around every day. A certain number of Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts must be purchased by players.

Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Cook Flaky Fish

This guide will show players how to make flaky fish in Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are numerous ways in Red Dead Redemption 2 to feed the player’s cowboy, including by eating flaked fish. Red Dead Redemption 2 features a precise and intricate culinary system in addition to bringing the depravity and heroics of the Wild West to life. To produce flaky fish in Red Dead Redemption 2, as is demonstrated in this article, players must prepare enough Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition for Sale in the game.

Where to catch fish that can be boiled and flaked

In RDR2, there are 15 different varieties of fish, however only some of them may be used to make flaked fish. Fortunately, 10 different kinds of fish can be used to prepare a Flaky Wish. This means that players will be able to put in a lot of effort to ensure that they have the right crafting materials. The following fish species are among those that can be flaked:

Redfin Barracuda: Can be caught with bread and is common in rivers all over the world.

Habitat: You should hunt for them in rivers and lakes during the day because bread will draw them in.

Chain Barracuda: They can be found in almost all bodies of water when the sun is shining outside. They prefer corn bait.

Rock Bass: Best found in lakes and ponds on sunny days. Players will be able to better catch them with cheese.

Muskie: When it’s foggy outdoors, you can nearly always find them in the northern lakes. To catch one, players need a lake bait.

Lake sturgeon: This large fish is found almost exclusively in the deep waters of southern lakes and swamps. Players need a Man-made Lake Bait to bring one.

Northern Pike: These will be found in northern rivers when it is cloudy. River bait is required to catch this fish.

Largemouth Bass: Players can fish this type of bass in almost any river or lake in the South. They are attracted to crayfish and are most active when it rains.

Smallmouth Bass: These are mostly found in northern rivers when it rains. Players will be luckiest at catching a live cricket.

How to Cook Red Dead Redemption 2 Flake Fish

Fish is a delicious, airy, and nutritious cuisine. Many contemporary cuisines feature seafood dishes, including tilapia, cod, and tuna. Naturally, cowboys enjoy occasionally throwing their reels, but Red Dead Redemption 2 makes it famous by adding fishing and cookery.

How do I prepare fish for Red Dead Redemption 2? Fish must first exist for cooking. The fishing rod must be located or unlocked by players. After finishing the “Fisherman of Man” quest, a fishing rod can be acquired as the story progresses normally. Additionally, they can be located all around the map, cleansed from chance encounters, and more.

The player must then decide that he wants to capture a lot of fish. Fish of many different varieties can be cooked to generate flaky fish. The redfin barracuda is the obvious pick in the game’s southern regions. The bass, which may be found in all rivers, is a sensitive fish. Of course, northern pike can produce flaked fish in northern rivers and areas.

The player will need to establish a camp after discovering the fish. After establishing your camp, use the game’s menu to choose the Cooking Mechanic. A pretreatment option for fish should be flaked fish, preferably one of the larger fish species. Flake Fish, like many other dishes in the game, can be seasoned with oregano, thyme, or wild mint, which, respectively, increase stamina, deadeye, and health. Players can cook delicious flaky fish in the game Buy Red Dead Redemption 2.

5 Things To Know Before Playing Valheim

This guide will tell players 5 things to know before playing Valheim.

It’s a good idea to look at some Valheim survival advice for beginners if you’re just getting started with Viking survival. Although though Valheim is still in its early stages, millions of players have already entered the Viking afterlife to create weapons, sail longships, and—most importantly—build a truly fashionable fortress. A sufficient number of Valheim Items can be prepared by players.

Follow Survival Sandbox Basics

The main materials that inexperienced players require while Valheim is open are wood and stone. Whether they are just starting out creating essential tools or building Valheim’s most magnificent constructions, players will require both of these resources. While wood can be collected by striking trees, stone can be taken directly from the ground. All players should adhere to these fundamental survival sandbox rules; fortunately, Valheim won’t change what isn’t broken.

Players should gather as much wood and stone as they can in the early game because Valheim’s resource grinding is not very accommodating. At some time, they’ll probably use it for construction or crafts, and neither resource will stop being used.

Crafting Axes and Hammers

For new players, the key to long-term survival is learning how to make simple tools and weapons like axes, hammers, and clubs. The hammer, an incredibly versatile instrument that grants players access to Valheim’s different construction options, is particularly significant. They can gather materials from here to construct anything from fortifications and walls to furniture and Valheim’s unique stone furnace.

Construction is vital to existence in Valheim since it enables players to find refuge and create objects that are necessary for long-term survival and advancement. Axes expedite the acquisition of wood, a necessary material for both building and crafting.

Stack storage

In order to succeed in a survival game, players must be efficient in their usage of chests. Many players are unaware of the fact that they may stack chests in the game to make their storage take up far less room. While inventories can quickly fill up, having a lot of chests available to store items can make the game move much more smoothly. It will also be quite beneficial to purchase the Megingjord Belt from Haldor (the Merchant).

Get pets early

Who wouldn’t want a wolf or a boar as a pet? At Valheim, wolves can be domesticated with wild boars. These fuzzy companions will stick with the Viking explorer with a little bit of time and patience. To make feeding easier, players should try to entice them to locations with homemade cages. The beast can only currently be tamed by feeding it, which might be challenging while they are still hostile.

Get the bow

Getting the bow as soon as you can is one of the most crucial pieces of advice for beginning players. In Valheim, the bow is a game-changing tool that enhances hunting skills and enables players to launch long-range attacks on foes. At the crafting table, players can make simple wooden arrows and primitive bows out of scrap wood and leather. The bow’s greatest benefit is that it enables deer hunting since it allows for distant attacks.

All of these hints and recommendations ought to provide players with a thorough introduction to Valheim’s gameplay mechanics, from base construction to cooking and battle, so they can gather enough Valheim Resources in the game to establish a sturdy foundation in Valheim.