How to Make Dreamy Ice Cream at Dreamlight Valley

This guide will introduce players how to make fantasy ice cream in Dreamlight Valley.

Prepare to try a different flavor of ice cream if you’re sick of vanilla. Making Dream Ice Cream for the first time is the real challenge, but it will be essential to spicing up Valley’s ice cream game. In Disney Fantasy Valley, there is no recipe for Fantasy Ice Cream; players must first locate the necessary components. To make dreamy ice cream, players can prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game.

How to Get the Ingredients for Fantasy Ice Cream

To make the dream ice cream, the player requires milk, slush ice, and dream light fruit, but until they have all of the components, the dish cannot be prepared. Fortunately, it’s very simple to get milk and slush ice, and Chez Remy sells these along with a variety of other ingredients. Similar to producing buuelos in Dreamlight Valley, Chez Remy’s recipes are typically available right away and cost a specific number of Pentacles.

The players’ final item, the dream light fruit, is a little more difficult to locate. These fruits can only be harvested once the Dreamlight Tree has reached maturity, which can only be done by completing Simba’s “Seed of Memory” quest. After completing the quest, it can take some time for the tree to fully develop, but the player can utilize this time to acquire the final two ingredients required, or to accumulate enough star points to buy these goods.

How to Make Dreamy Ice Cream

Three different ingredients can be combined to create Dream Ice Cream. After consumption, a three-star dessert replenishes energy from 1976. The player is eligible to receive 588 star coins after selling the dessert. The following ingredients are required to make dream ice cream:

Dream Light Fruit (can be found in Sunshine Plateau)

Milk (Chez Remy’s project sol)

Slush Ice (Sold by Chez Remy)

When you have all of these ingredients, go to the cooking station’s pot and combine them together. Don’t worry about keeping these ingredients with you for a long time, though; they don’t need to be in a backpack. You can create as many delectable ice cream desserts as you like as long as you have enough components.

Desserts have a high resale value and provide a significant energy boost, so you can profitably sell or consume them. In addition to consuming recovery stamina, players can sell desserts for 588 star coins.

Fans will explore the valley and look for alien toys in addition to cooking and learning new recipes. There will also be gold and blue potatoes lying about the map, so there should be enough adventures to go around every day. A certain number of Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts must be purchased by players.