Valheim: How To Get Black Cores And What They Are Used For

This guide will show players how to obtain Black Cores in Valheim and what they are used for.

The Black Cores are a difficult task in the latest Mistlands update for Valheim, and players must be fully armed before they can find them. A mysterious artifact of ancient power known as the Black Core is required by adventurers to create late-game facilities like the Black Forge, Galdr Table, or Eitr Refinery in Valheim. The only place to find this mysterious core is in the perilous Mists biome, so getting your hands on it is not simple. In order to obtain black cores in Valheim and learn how to use them, players must purchase enough Valheim Items during the course of the game.

Where to find Blackcore in Valheim

The Infested Mines, which are the Mists’ dungeons, are the only places to find the Black Core. Players must be fully equipped before entering these incredibly perilous places, which are dispersed throughout the Mists and where there will undoubtedly be explorers and ticks accumulating. Players should be aware of the white runes indicating the entrance to the hidden treasure room as they explore the Infested Mines. Players can locate Black Cores on the pillars in these rooms in addition to the substantial quantities of gold (which are useful when locating Valheim’s dealers).

How to use Blackcore in Valheim?

The three most significant constructions added by the Mistlands update are constructed primarily using Black Cores. These are the Eitr Refinery, Black Forge, and Gladr Table. Together, these provide players with everything they need to vanquish the Mists and its formidable foes. All in all, players will need to collect 15 black cores to build these complexes, which may necessitate visiting to numerous Infested mines.

The Black Forge, where players can construct the majority of the upgraded new armor and vintage weaponry, is the first of them to become available. Then, in order to build the Eitr Refinery, the players must learn how to draw sap from the Mists’ roots. The Galdr Table is accessible and the Eitr Refinery enables the production of refined Eitr, which is needed to make the majority of Valheim’s new magic goods. Players can construct new magical armor and weapons at this last crafting station.

The Black Core is an integral part of the Mistlands update. You can use Black Cores to craft these items:

Black Forge — Allows you to craft Mist-grade armor, weapons, and the durable Dvergr Lantern.

14x Black Marble

10x World Trees

5x black core

5x iron

5x copper

Galdr Table – This allows you to craft magic-related items such as armor, weapons, and even the Sealbreaker, which is a key item you can use to find the Queen.

25x World Trees

10x ferrous metal

10x Black Marble

5x black core

15x Refined Eitr

Eitr Refinery — Refines sap and soft tissue into refined Eitr.

20x Black Marble

5x ferrous metal

10x World Trees

5x black core

3x Sap

If you wish to engage in battle with challenging foes in this update, you must possess these structures. Collecting all of these facilities is vital to living in Valheim’s new Mistlands upgrade, and players will need to buy enough Valheim Resources in-game.

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