How to Seal Your Diamond Painting: The Ultimate Guide

This guide will show you how to seal your diamond painting: The Ultimate Guide.

You want your diamond artwork to continue to feel and appear as stunning as it did when it was first finished. The techniques listed below can help you maintain the quality of your huge diamond artwork. To aid with your creation, you can get Cheap Diamond Art Kits.

How to Seal Your Finished Diamond Painting

The life of your finished project will be substantially increased by sealing your diamond painting, which will keep all of the diamonds in place. For best results, seal the completed painting before hanging it or displaying it on an extension rod.

Brush Sealant

An all-inclusive approach to safeguarding your diamond paintwork for years to come is brush-on sealers. Depending on your preferences, they are available in a range of finishes and densities.

Benefits: Serves as a finish, glue, and sealer all in one. It is dust-free, waterproof, and ideal for mounting the kit to foam board or a frame without glass.

Cons: The major drawback is that after sealing, it starts to lose part of its brilliance. Moreover, once the sealer has been applied, you won’t be able to roll your paintwork.

Keep kids and pets in a different room when applying sealer as a safety measure.

Step 1: Use weight or a roller to ensure that all of the diamonds are positioned correctly.

Repeat your initial process to flatten your canvas. The objective is to ensure that every diamond is absolutely flat and adhered to the canvas’s adhesive.

Pro Tip: To prevent scratching or chipping the diamonds, place an old t-shirt on top of the canvas.

Step 2: Dip the brush’s tip into the bottle of brush sealant.

Almost any brush, bristle, or foam type can be used. The Mod Podge Brush Applicator is what we officially advise because it’s the perfect size and offers you greater control over where you apply the sealant.

Step 3: Start painting large strokes of sealant onto the canvas.

The sealant will initially turn a thick, glue-like white tint, but as it dries, it will become more translucent. Apply a thorough, thick application in one smooth motion. Each diamond is held together by the adhesive, which solidifies the following day.

Would a spray sealer work?

The finished diamond painting is given a crystal clear finish using spray sealer. They won’t fill the spaces between the diamonds because they don’t function like glue (like tile grout).

Advantages: Aids in preserving a diamond’s brilliance over time. It dries rapidly, is waterproof, and doesn’t become yellow. Additionally, your completed canvas may still be rolled up.

Cons: Doesn’t aid in gluing holes to canvas; any gaps between pieces will stay empty.

For assistance in creating diamond paints, you can purchase Diamond Painting for Sale in the app store. After creating the diamond paintings, apply the process described above to seal them.

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