Best Defenders In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

This guide will break down the best defenders in FIFA 23 for players.

In FIFA 23, players that want to win games and win trophies must have the best defenders in the back row, ready to chase down any incoming attackers. The finest defense in FIFA 23 will make sure that the rival team cannot score and obtain an easy advantage, while the best striker will assist the player in taking the lead on goals. The finest defenders in FIFA 23 will be broken down in this guide for players because finding elite defenders is not simple. Additionally, players must have enough FIFA 23 coins available to aid in the construction of their team’s gear.

Despite not having the most glamorous role on the field, center backs are inevitably going to miss some crucial FUT matches if their defense is weak. It’s a good idea to strengthen your backline with the top center backs whether you’re playing with two or three of them. When building your team for the Ultimate Team season, it’s simple to see who the best players are. However, offensive weaponry is useless if you can’t keep your adversary at bay.

FIFA 23 Best CBs – FIFA 23 Best Central Defenders

Virgil Van Dijk

He is not just one of the most rated players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but also the base defender with the highest rating. Van Dijk has strong tackle and power ratings of 93 and 92, respectively. He also tops the list for aerial control in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, achieving 88 for jumping and 87 for accurate headers. score.


The captain of Paris Saint-Germain is an absolute need for your squad because of his outstanding total defensive numbers. His excellent defensive awareness of 90 enables him to stop offensive at its source, and when correctly employed, his tackling skill of 89 creates an almost impenetrable wall. He can also score from corners and is skilled in the air.

FIFA 23 Best LBs and LWBs – Best Left Backs and Left Backs in FIFA 23

Joan Cancelo

It should come as no surprise that Joan Cancelo is one of the game’s top-rated players. While he possesses respectable defensive numbers like placement and slide tackle abilities, he excels at racing up the field to aid the offense because of his dribbling, 88-rated crossing ability, strong stamina, and sprint speed. Unavoidable for any competitive player.

Andrew Robertson

While not as dynamic as Joan Cancelo, left guard Andrew Robertson has an 87 rating, is a better defender than Cancelo, but doesn’t present much of a danger moving forward. He’s still a strong addition to any FIFA 23 Ultimate Team player’s team.

Best RBs and RWBs in FIFA 23 – The best right backs and right wing backs in FIFA 23

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool, one of the greatest young players in FIFA 23’s career mode, stands out among the best defenders and exhibits incredible potential as a right-back or wing-back. Trent Alexander-Arnold adds to his overall rating of 87 with 83 interceptions and 92 crosses, giving him a total rating of 88. Trent Alexander-Arnold will support the more seasoned players and finest defenders in FIFA 23, which may be helpful to players who like to smash the ball quickly.

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How to Get the MrBeast Skin in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

This guide will show players how to get the MrBeast skin in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

After the end-of-game event, Chapter 4 of Fortnite will be accessible to players, capping out Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3. The new season of Fortnite introduces players to a new battle pass, which also contains a ton of fantastic skins waiting for players to unlock as they level up. Chapter 4 of the game is currently the best chapter yet. A brand-new island and some awesome new features, like as the MrBeast skin in Fortnite, are introduced in the new season. Players will learn how to obtain the MrBeast skin in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 with this guide. In order to obtain the MrBeast skin more rapidly, players can also purchase affordable Fortnite V-BUCKS in the game.

Will there be a MrBeast skin in Fortnite?

Jimmy Donaldson, known online as MrBeast, is a YouTube celebrity who has gained popularity through hundreds of millions of massive stunt shows, competitions, and charity events. The Fortnite Fracture finale event, which changed Chapter 3 Season 4 into Chapter 4 Season 1, was the YouTuber’s first appearance in the game. In the final scene, he briefly makes an appearance as he is being pulled across space by tentacles while transforming himself on an island.

In the Fortnite Chapter 4 video, aliens who resemble robots are seen observing while tentacles build a new island for Battle Royale participants to compete on. A writhing creature that resembles Donaldson and is sporting a neon-colored jumper, a mustache, and short bangs also has one of the reported tentacles wrapped around its leg. This implies that MrBeast will be included in the game, potentially as a new skin or item from the battle pass store.

How to get the MrBeast skin in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, there is presently no known means for players to obtain Mr. Beast, and even if there is, there are no clear instructions. The players are still willing to assume that he will emerge in the game because they have already appeared as characters in the new movie trailer.

If MrBeast is included as a skin, it will probably be possible to buy it through the in-game store or perhaps it will come with the battle pass. Even though shop purchases might be the case, Mr. Beast will probably add that icon skins typically cost between 1500 and 2000 V-Bucks.

When does the skin drop?

The Battle Pass user interface has undergone a thorough overhaul by Epic Games. At the bottom of the screen are the actual Battle Pass awards for this season. Your prizes will then be given to you in a different location. Players should anticipate these extra incentives in order to obtain the MrBeast skin in Fortnite, as rewards are typically merely additional designs for the main battle pass skins. Here is a list of the new prize release dates. The bonus awards are mid-season drops, so players can unlock each one at different times.

February 2

February 9

February 16

February 23

February 30

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How to Get BMW M3 GTR Unlocked in Need For Speed Unbound

This guide will tell players how to unlock BMW M3 GTR in Need For Speed Unbound.

The BMW M3 GTR, created by BMW and originally designed to compete in the 2002 American Le Mans Series season, is one of the quickest and most well-known cars in the game One, but it’s also difficult to obtain. Fortunately, there are ways for gamers to acquire the BMW M3 GTR, therefore this tutorial will explain how to do it in Need for Speed Unbound. To unlock the BMW M3 GTR, players should have enough Need for Speed Unbound Accounts ready.

What is BMW M3 GTR in Need For Speed Unbound?

A legendary racing vehicle with an iconic color scheme and design is the BMW M3 GTR. It’s one of the fastest cars in the game because to its strong engine, and with its excellent handling, it makes a superb pick for racing. With a potent 4.0L V8 engine capable of an amazing top speed of 152 mph, it was specifically designed for the track. The M3 GTR is also incredibly light for a race car, with a curb weight of just 1,120kg. The vehicle has a 6-speed manual transmission and a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive design. The BMW M3 GTR GT is a quick, potent race car that is designed to prevail.

How to unlock BMW M3 GTR in Need For Speed Unbound?

The BMW M3 GTR can be obtained in Need for Speed (NFS) Unbound in two different methods.

Playing the story mode is the first option. Yaz’s High Heat Delivery is a side task that the player will be given if they have made enough progress in the game. The game’s protagonist will witness a thrilling police chase around the metropolis. It’s the only task in the game where players will be able to operate the fabled car, the Blacklist, which also serves as a menu in NFS Most Wanted.

The BMW M3 GTR is only available through the online mode, and it is already unlocked in multiplayer mode so players don’t need to do anything to get it. However, both single player and multiplayer modes are accessible. By completing particular delivery missions relating to the car, the player can purchase the vehicle in single-player mode. Players will be able to operate a BMW M3 GTR throughout this objective, and after finishing it, they will be unlocked as a custom vehicle that can be purchased.

Purchase an EA Play subscription is the second option. The player will receive the car and a few other things as payment. Fortunately, the gamer can keep the car even when their EA Play subscription expires. Players may easily and rapidly unlock automobiles by purchasing EA Play. The monthly membership charge is merely 3.99 pounds, and the annual membership fee is 10.99 pounds. Players in multiplayer mode can instantly access automobiles after paying a subscription.

The information provided above is a detailed guide on how to acquire the BMW M3 GTR in Need for Speed Unbound. Players can subscribe to to unlock other necessary automobiles.

Fortnite Crew Membership December 2022 (Start Date, Price and Rewards)

This guide will introduce players to the Fortnite Crew Membership December 2022 (start date, price and rewards).

The December 2022 Fortnite Crew Pack will contain brand-new cosmetic items that can only be obtained by participants in the game’s exclusive Crew program. The most recent bundle for the game offers benefits connected to the High Stakes Club, a team of vampire hunters. Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, is releasing a December Crew Pack that comes with cosmetic skins and access to special incentives. Players must purchase affordable Fortnite V-BUCKS in-game.

Fortnite December Crew Pack: Release date and price

On Monday, November 30, 2022, around 7PM ET | 4PM PT, the Fortnite December Crew Pack will go on sale. On the last day of every month, these fresh bundles go on sale as the Item Shop resets. A Fortnite Crew subscription includes some fantastic stuff and incentives and costs about $11.99 per month (or comparable). Of course, you can stop subscribing at any moment if you decide you no longer want to.

Fortnite December Crew Pack: Rewards

Each month, up to a maximum of six stages, a new phase of the Fortnite Crew Legacy Set will become available to subscribers of Fortnite Crew. During the course of your membership, stages unlock on the 14th of every month at 8 PM ET or 7 PM ET.

Phase 1 can be accessed by joining Fortnite Crew. The first piece in the set is an evolving Back Bling, while the second is an evolving Pickaxe. When the user uses this tool to strike weak points while gathering materials, it reacts, glowing redder. The pickaxe is a particularly eye-catching equipment because it even entirely glows red when it is used to eradicate.

Players get access to a variety of cosmetic bonuses and goods every month, which frequently include costumes, Back Blings, Pickaxes, and Shrouds.

Additionally, Epic has unveiled a new loading screen that portrays a night in the High Stakes Club’s life as a weekly bonus. The most recent Battle Pass is also yours without charge. If you already have, you will get 950 V-Bucks in addition to the 1,000 V-Bucks you currently have. Gamers that sign up in November will receive 1,000 V-Bucks when they sign up, and then another 1,000 on the same day in December because the incentive is paid out each month on the billing day that players buy the Crew Pack. Players who bought the Fortnite Battle Pass this season before signing up for the Fortnite Crew will get a one-time refund of 950 V-Bucks.

Players can anticipate:

new attire plus suits

5 Loading window

$1000 in V-Bucks

Battle Pass for CH2S7 or 950 V-Bucks

New subscribers get the first three months of Spotify Premium free.

Until it is terminated and is non-transferable, your subscription is bound to the platform from where you purchased it (your “Primary Platform”).

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FIFA 23: Best Out-Of-Place Players In Ultimate Team

This guide aims to provide players with the details of the best out of position players in Ultimate Team in FIFA 23.

The most recent Ultimate Team promotion, which gives players star names to add to their teams, is new in FIFA 23 Out Of Position. For certain players, the promotion results in new positions, updated stats, adjustments to the Preferred Foot and Weak Foot metrics, and an updated skill move rating of five out of five. In the game, players can prepare enough FIFA 23 coins to aid in player training.

What are out of position players in FIFA 23?

In “FIFA 23,” placing players in unusual positions is made relatively easy, and players in particular places can quickly change into situations that have never before been seen. As an illustration, Mohamed Salah is now a striker, which is quite dishonest. Joao Cancelo is now a midfielder, as if that weren’t enough. Theo Hernández plays left wing, not at linebacker, while Reece James, who was a fullback before becoming a winger, plays right wing. After going through these fantastic possibilities, let’s discuss how to acquire them.

Various positions for a Premier League player

Premier League stars are extensively included in the marketing once more, and numerous players have changed significantly in order to achieve greater popularity. Chelsea and right-back England Given his speed, Reece James’ new card, which can now play right-midfield, right-wing, and even striker, may be handy for many ultimate teams.

There are now promo cards available for many of the top Premier League players in FIFA 23, including Joao Cancelo. The Manchester City defender’s position card differs greatly from his basic version because he can also play right wing-back, defensive midfield, and midfield. Perisic’s card, however, is what’s most intriguing. There are four possibilities following the use of the transposition card. The Spurs midfielder can play as a right-back and an attacking midfielder, or he can move to a right-midfielder or winger. Perisic is a fantastic option for a Premier League squad at right-back because of his incredible pace and numbers that challenge many other defenders in FIFA 23.

Federico Chiesa is a fantastic option for any Serie A-based ultimate squad outside of England’s top division. Chiesa is one of the fastest players in FIFA 23, and this promo card from Juventus men has a speed stat of 93. It’s a wonderful option for those looking to acquire Out of Position players for a reasonable price.

Like the prior promotion, Rulebreakers, the majority of cards are only accessible in particular environments. Some players’ positions have drastically changed, such Marseille’s Isaac Touré, who can now play forward, and AC Milan’s quick defense Theo Hernandez. In FIFA 23, players can also receive bonuses for achieving in-game goals. The top players who are out of position for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team have already been discussed; for more news on FIFA 23, visit