FIFA 23: Best Out-Of-Place Players In Ultimate Team

This guide aims to provide players with the details of the best out of position players in Ultimate Team in FIFA 23.

The most recent Ultimate Team promotion, which gives players star names to add to their teams, is new in FIFA 23 Out Of Position. For certain players, the promotion results in new positions, updated stats, adjustments to the Preferred Foot and Weak Foot metrics, and an updated skill move rating of five out of five. In the game, players can prepare enough FIFA 23 coins to aid in player training.

What are out of position players in FIFA 23?

In “FIFA 23,” placing players in unusual positions is made relatively easy, and players in particular places can quickly change into situations that have never before been seen. As an illustration, Mohamed Salah is now a striker, which is quite dishonest. Joao Cancelo is now a midfielder, as if that weren’t enough. Theo Hernández plays left wing, not at linebacker, while Reece James, who was a fullback before becoming a winger, plays right wing. After going through these fantastic possibilities, let’s discuss how to acquire them.

Various positions for a Premier League player

Premier League stars are extensively included in the marketing once more, and numerous players have changed significantly in order to achieve greater popularity. Chelsea and right-back England Given his speed, Reece James’ new card, which can now play right-midfield, right-wing, and even striker, may be handy for many ultimate teams.

There are now promo cards available for many of the top Premier League players in FIFA 23, including Joao Cancelo. The Manchester City defender’s position card differs greatly from his basic version because he can also play right wing-back, defensive midfield, and midfield. Perisic’s card, however, is what’s most intriguing. There are four possibilities following the use of the transposition card. The Spurs midfielder can play as a right-back and an attacking midfielder, or he can move to a right-midfielder or winger. Perisic is a fantastic option for a Premier League squad at right-back because of his incredible pace and numbers that challenge many other defenders in FIFA 23.

Federico Chiesa is a fantastic option for any Serie A-based ultimate squad outside of England’s top division. Chiesa is one of the fastest players in FIFA 23, and this promo card from Juventus men has a speed stat of 93. It’s a wonderful option for those looking to acquire Out of Position players for a reasonable price.

Like the prior promotion, Rulebreakers, the majority of cards are only accessible in particular environments. Some players’ positions have drastically changed, such Marseille’s Isaac Touré, who can now play forward, and AC Milan’s quick defense Theo Hernandez. In FIFA 23, players can also receive bonuses for achieving in-game goals. The top players who are out of position for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team have already been discussed; for more news on FIFA 23, visit