Best Defenders In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

This guide will break down the best defenders in FIFA 23 for players.

In FIFA 23, players that want to win games and win trophies must have the best defenders in the back row, ready to chase down any incoming attackers. The finest defense in FIFA 23 will make sure that the rival team cannot score and obtain an easy advantage, while the best striker will assist the player in taking the lead on goals. The finest defenders in FIFA 23 will be broken down in this guide for players because finding elite defenders is not simple. Additionally, players must have enough FIFA 23 coins available to aid in the construction of their team’s gear.

Despite not having the most glamorous role on the field, center backs are inevitably going to miss some crucial FUT matches if their defense is weak. It’s a good idea to strengthen your backline with the top center backs whether you’re playing with two or three of them. When building your team for the Ultimate Team season, it’s simple to see who the best players are. However, offensive weaponry is useless if you can’t keep your adversary at bay.

FIFA 23 Best CBs – FIFA 23 Best Central Defenders

Virgil Van Dijk

He is not just one of the most rated players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but also the base defender with the highest rating. Van Dijk has strong tackle and power ratings of 93 and 92, respectively. He also tops the list for aerial control in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, achieving 88 for jumping and 87 for accurate headers. score.


The captain of Paris Saint-Germain is an absolute need for your squad because of his outstanding total defensive numbers. His excellent defensive awareness of 90 enables him to stop offensive at its source, and when correctly employed, his tackling skill of 89 creates an almost impenetrable wall. He can also score from corners and is skilled in the air.

FIFA 23 Best LBs and LWBs – Best Left Backs and Left Backs in FIFA 23

Joan Cancelo

It should come as no surprise that Joan Cancelo is one of the game’s top-rated players. While he possesses respectable defensive numbers like placement and slide tackle abilities, he excels at racing up the field to aid the offense because of his dribbling, 88-rated crossing ability, strong stamina, and sprint speed. Unavoidable for any competitive player.

Andrew Robertson

While not as dynamic as Joan Cancelo, left guard Andrew Robertson has an 87 rating, is a better defender than Cancelo, but doesn’t present much of a danger moving forward. He’s still a strong addition to any FIFA 23 Ultimate Team player’s team.

Best RBs and RWBs in FIFA 23 – The best right backs and right wing backs in FIFA 23

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool, one of the greatest young players in FIFA 23’s career mode, stands out among the best defenders and exhibits incredible potential as a right-back or wing-back. Trent Alexander-Arnold adds to his overall rating of 87 with 83 interceptions and 92 crosses, giving him a total rating of 88. Trent Alexander-Arnold will support the more seasoned players and finest defenders in FIFA 23, which may be helpful to players who like to smash the ball quickly.

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