How to Avoid Car Stolen

This guide will show you how to avoid car theft.

In 30 seconds, thieves can steal an automobile. In Canada, almost 80,000 vehicles will be stolen in 2021. It’s never a bad idea to take extra precautions to keep your vehicle safe, especially with the rising trend of vehicle theft. Although though the market is filled with cutting-edge devices that increase auto security and car theft rates are currently lower than they were ten years ago, this problem nevertheless affects all car owners on a fundamental level. How can you make your car more secure and anti-theft? This piece compiles practical advice on how to go about doing it. has a sufficient selection of Lock Picking Tools.

Always lock your vehicle

Although it may seem obvious, you have no idea how frequently drivers fail to lock their vehicles. There are several possible explanations, including haste, activity, or simple forgetfulness. The first and simplest step you can take to prevent automobile theft or at the very least make it more difficult to commit is to lock your car. It is not a good idea to leave your car unlocked from your neighbors’ or CCTV cameras’ perspectives, even if you park it in a parking lot. In addition, since it’s simple for criminals to obtain your auto keys, we don’t advise doing so.

Install an alarm system

Your automobile’s security will undoubtedly rise if you install a car alarm system. Although some models are frequently fitted with an alarm system, older models may not have one. Checking to see if your automobile already has it is therefore strongly advised; if not, installing it will undoubtedly improve the vehicle’s safety. Thanks to the alarm system, you will be alerted by a loud and persistent sound if a burglar tries to open your car. Also, the loud noise can deter a burglar and alert neighbors or passersby to his attempts to steal the car.

Park in private garage

It should go without saying, but a private garage greatly increases the security of your parked car. If you have the option to lock the garage, all the better. Your car is hidden from view in a private parking garage, which makes it more difficult for thieves to take it. Criminals are less likely to target your car if getting into it is more difficult and there are more barriers in their way.

Protect Your Smart Key Fob

The use of electronic key fobs makes locking and starting your car quite simple. These, however, also make it simple for burglars to take your car. The worst part is that thieves can steal your car without even using your actual key fob. The key fob communicates with the automobile computer using a low frequency signal. The car is instructed by this signal to start the engine, unlock the doors, and other things. Criminals can use a relay box to grab the signal from your car and send it to another relay box close to it. The internal computer is triggered, allowing the robber to flee in a matter of seconds.

Keep the key fob away from the car, store it in a metal container like a coffee can, or even wrap the key in aluminum foil are a few strategies to prevent this kind of theft. These actions stop the frequency from being transmitted, preventing its reception.

Although though car theft isn’t as widespread as it once was, you still need to take precautions to avoid it. Fortunately, following a few easy steps can help you lower your risk of having your automobile stolen. Visit to see our wide variety of Locksmith Tools if you’re curious about the many types of locks.