How To Get To The Court of Stars In Dragonflight

This guide will guide players on how to get to the Court of Stars and more in Dragonflight.

Dungeons from previous expansion packs will be added to the dungeon pool as World of Warcraft: Dragonflight starts its first Mythic+ season. The Mythic+ season will feature four dungeons from the current expansion pack and four dungeons from previous expansion packs. One of the game’s funniest encounters is Court of Stars, a spy-themed mission that is an excellent place to find pre-raid stuff. If readers are interested in learning more about the Mythic+ season, this guide will explain how to go to the Court of Stars in Dragonflight. Readers can also purchase enough WoW Dragonflight Gold to assist them get there more quickly.

How to get to the Court of Stars in Dragonflight

Court of Stars, which debuted in the 2016 World of Warcraft expansion Legion, is more difficult to locate than some of the other Mythic+ dungeons. Players must first travel to Valdrakken, the capital of the Dragonflight Dragon Islands in World of Warcraft, which is situated in the far northwest of the Thaldraszus region, in order to access the Court of Stars.

The player must use the portal to get to Dalaran once they have arrived in Valdrakken. The player must travel to the Broken Isles after Dalar. Players who have completed the Legion campaign and still possess a Dalaran Hearthstone can also utilize it.

Players must go to Suramar’s capital from Dalaran. Following your stop in Suramar City, you must follow a set of coordinates. On the WoW Dragonflight map, they are designated as 49,64. You can get to a place called the Hall of Fate using the coordinates. No, you still haven’t arrived at your desired location. There are a few last tasks to finish before you can enter Dragonflight’s Court of Stars.

Where is the Court of Stars entrance in Dragonflight

In Valdrakken, just next to the Valdrakken Treasury Hoard, sits the portal to the past, where Dragonflight’s legacy Mythic+ dungeon is situated. If you still have the Dalaran Hearthstone from the Legion campaign event in your inventory, you can use it to travel from Dalaran to the Broken Isles via the Valdrakken portal.

Travel to Suramar City, the region’s capital, after taking a flight from Dalaran to Suramar. The most direct route will be along the flight path to Meridian, or you can use a flying mount to fly there on your own. When you arrive in Suramar City, head to coordinates [49, 64] to find “Fate Square.” When you arrive, a gateway and four Kirin Tor Peacekeepers will be in its immediate vicinity. You will be taken directly to a subdivision called “The Aetherium” by the portal. The Court of Stars meeting stone is located in the southeast corner of the main rotunda in Aetherium, and the dungeon entrance is located on the east side of the area, behind an archway.

There are many hostile adversaries in Aetherium, but they are all level 45, so if they are causing you trouble, any highest-level character may kill them with a single shot. As an alternative, you can conceal yourself among the division’s adversaries by using the additional action ability “Masquerade,” which is exclusive to Suramar City.

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